LYXOshop.com is the official retailer of the innovative and exciting LYXO hairband products. Through the use of our site you can quickly and easily place your order and then have your favorite hair accessories delivered directly to your door.  

What are LYXO Hairbands?

LYXO are newly developed and launched hairbands constructed from distinctive elastic fiber material. The material is gentle on your hair, giving you perfect, long-lasting hold without pinching or discomfort.

Because of this signature material our hairbands are also ultra-durable and flexible—making them great for sports or any activity where you need a hairband that does its job and is also comfortable.

A LYXO hairband will glide easily through your hair without any pulling or tangling, and they’re available in six fashionable and fun colors including: clear, brown, clear, pink, green and orange. 

Using LYXOHairbands?

The firm time you use your new hairband simply give it a few stretches. That will allow it to reach to its ideal size, which it will always retain after every use.

Use it with wet or dry hair and it will blend-in naturally with your hair.

Once you discover the comfort, functionality and style offered by LYXO you’ll never go back to your painful or boring hairbands again. 

Where to buy LYXO Hairbands?

Conveniently purchase the revolutionary LYXO hairbands on our website, or email or call your country agent or our head office for location details about retailers carrying LYXO in your area.