•   No harmful substances are added
  •   These hairbands will glide easily and painlessly through your hair
  •   Products are created from a unique fiber material
  •   There are a range of color options including: clear, brown, black, pink, green and orange
  •   No pinching or tangling
  •   Can be utilized in wet or dry hair
  •   Offers extreme durability and flexibility
  •   Enjoy long-lasting hold and hair that stays in place
  •   Inexpensive

No harmful substances

LYXO hair bands do not contain any harmful substances such as latex, heavy metals, phthalate, sulfur or formaldehyde. 

LYXO is designed for? ... Anyone!

LYXO is designed for athletes, hairstylists and anyone who just wants a great hair product. 

LYXO is a pioneering hair product used by everyone from world-class athletes to stylists preparing models for the runway.

We’ve all been in the situation where we want to maintain our active or even daily lifestyle, which may require a hairband. Unfortunately so many traditional hairbands either don’t hold our hair or they’re downright painful.

Rather than suffering from poorly constructed or uncomfortable hairbands, turn to LYXO which will provide you with comfort and long-lasting hair hold so you never have to give your hair product a second thought.

This is why LYXO is used and recommended by elite sports athletics and famous and acknowledged hair artists and stylists.