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2. SORTING - W 3D Eyelash Extensions

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How are W-lashes (3D) different from 3D pre-made tabs?
The structure of a 3D pre-made veneer is 3 classic single lash extensions, in contrast to a W-lash which is 3 flat lashes put together. A classic lash does not split at the top and therefore appears thinner than a flat lash, even if the width/thickness of the lash is the same.

YY- and W-lashes are several flat lashes together, and the flat lashes are more spread out than pre-made tabs. This gives wider fullness as the lashes cross over each other.

A flat lash in 0.15 mm has the same width as a classic single lash in 0.15, but a flat lash is flat at the bottom and is therefore only 0.07 mm high. A classic single lash is 0.15 mm in thickness from all angles. This makes a flat lash lighter in weight.

The structure of a classic single eyelash extension and a flat eyelash extension is different even though they consist of the same material: PBT fibres.

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Information about the product

W-lashes (lashes) are 3D tabs in 0.07 mm thickness, each tab consists of 3 flat lashes put together. We recommend volume tweezers for application.

Each tray contains 14 rows (+2 extra rows than a traditional tilting tray).

Lengths in a mix tray:
1 8 mm
2 8 mm
3 9 mm
4 9 mm
5 10 mm
6 10 mm
7 10 mm
8 11 mm
9 11 mm
10 11 mm
11 12 mm
12 12 mm
13 13 mm
14 13 mm

Product details

3D veneer with 0.07 mm thickness. We recommend using volume tweezers to apply the eyelash extensions.
Each fan consists of 3 flat lashes together.

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