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Flat Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions (lashes) with a flat/ellipse-shaped root, this means that the area where the glue adheres to the natural lash is larger and the durability is longer. The tips of flat lashes are split, this makes them soft and fuller.

The lashes are 0.15 mm or 0.20 mm in width and each tray has 14 rows.

Watch our free informational video for more knowledge about flat lashes, their anatomy and application: free video

Information about the product

Each tray contains 14 rows (+2 extra rows than a traditional tilting tray).

Lengths in a mix tray:
1 8 mm
2 8 mm
3 9 mm
4 9 mm
5 10 mm
6 10 mm
7 10 mm
8 11 mm
9 11 mm
10 11 mm
11 12 mm
12 12 mm
13 13 mm
14 13 mm

Product details

Single lash extensions with a flat/ellipse root, this makes the area of ​​glue attached to the natural lash larger and allows for better retention. The tips of the lashes are split, which gives them a softer feel and more feathered look.

Lashes are 0.15 mm or 0.20 mm in width and each box comes with 14 rows.

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