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Claire glue

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Part of the new glue collection

Claire glue is perfect for customers with sensitive eyes, or those who are allergic to the color black (carbon black). The glue is transparent, so it can also be used for colored eyelash extensions.

It has a drying time of 1-2 seconds. The special liquid consistency makes it easy to apply extensions without lumps or visible residues of glue.

Each glue comes with a glue needle, so each glue is fresh and opened for the first time when you insert the needle into the opening.

- transparent hypoallergenic glue
- 1-2 sec. drying time
- transparent when dry
- 2 months shelf life after opening

Also available in a 0.5-1 second glue: CRYSTAL GLUE

Information about the product


Store the glue in a dark and dry place, at room temperature.
Unopened, the glue can last for 6 months, opened it can last for 2 months.
Shake the glue for 20-30 seconds each time before using it.
The ideal temperature for the glue is 18-25 degrees with a humidity of 50-60%.
Hold the bottle vertically and squeeze out 1-2 drops of glue.
Change your glue every quarter of an hour if you use jade stone foil stickers, and every half hour if you use a glue ring.
After using the glue, hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle and remove the remaining glue from the glue cap before attaching the cap.
If the glue cap is blocked, it can be reopened with the glue needle.

Ingredients: 2-cyanoacrylate glycol, polymethyl methacrylate.

Size: 5 ml

Product details

LYXO Claire Glue is perfect for clients with allergies, since it has no carbon black ingredient.

Drying time is 1-2 seconds, which lets you work fast without making your lash extensions clump together. The special very watery consistency lets you apply lash extensions without clumps or any extra visible glue.

Each glue bottle comes with a glue needle to ensure your glue is fresh and only opened once you put the needle through.

We recommend only using LYXO products with your LYXO glue

Remember to shake your glue every time before using.

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